What does a Sanitation Worker do?

A sanitation worker drives or rides in a garbage truck and collects trash from local businesses and residents. They're responsible for removing trash and taking it to disposal areas, such as landfills. A sanitation worker is responsible for keeping public areas clean and they must adhere to environmental regulations.

Working as a Sanitation Worker

Sanitation workers are hired by private companies or the city's sanitation department. They might also work at a recycling center or a garbage drop-off site. Their responsibilities include:

  • Traveling from neighborhood to neighborhood in a community and collecting waste
  • Ensuring that recyclable materials are separated from other non-recyclable garbage
  • Driving a large truck and operating the mechanisms used for lifting the trash cans and dumping them
  • Lifting heavy objects such as furniture in order to dispose of it
  • Maintaining and cleaning the sanitation truck